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A decentralized blockchain ecosystem for the world.



Khalsa Koin is a cryptocurrency dedicated to building an autonomous decentralized eco system, investing in real world change through blockchain technology - based solutions. 

An ecosystem regenerating growth through grassroot and seed projects with an ethical footprint. 

 Building and restoring infrastructure to bring spiritual and economical balance to the world.

  • A decentralized peer to peer economy 

  • ​​Seed projects regenerating growth 

  • Secure eco system for all


A digital economy with a conscious, investing 10% of its value to help resolve humanitarian issues.









The Team


A dedicated team of professionals with passion and commitment to make change in the world.

The Vision

A conscious community thriving for the betterment of humanity through the development of seed and grass root projects, enhancing the global community, bringing balance back to the world.


Join us and make dreams become reality.

Road Map

Past and upcoming phases.

Tentative dates

The Revival begins 

Strategic development

Tech development

Release of White paper
Strategic Partnerships,
 Intro of seed projects 

Q4 2018

Q2 2019

Q4 2019

Q1 2021

Q1 2019

Q3 2019

Q1-Q4 2020

Q2 -Q4 2021

Development of 
website and team
Community building
Growing eco system 
Upcoming ICO 
Restoring the past and developing infrastructure
Join the Revival!

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 Khalsa Koin

Coin Distribution

KK is an initiative disrupting the status quo, bringing forth a conscious and enlightened way of being in the world with an ethical footprint. 

Centralized economical systems have absorbed wealth and abused it for personal gain. Institutions have become corrupt and have encouraged greed and social decay,  creating no real change for humanity.

KK will revive a conscious community to strengthen the future. Allowing you, the community to control your destiny with an autonomous eco system, free from exploitation, giving true protection and freedom.


Total supply of Khalsa Koin will amount to 960 million KK.

Distribution will be truly unique to serve its purpose in bringing balance to the world.

The coin will be offered to the public in three phases. Each phase will distribute 30% of the total supply coinciding with the start of each project phase. 

10% of the funds from the coin distribution will go towards humanitarian aid bring change to the lives of those who need it most.

All our blockchain based solutions will work towards remapping systems and shifting paradigms with the aim of bringing global change through seed and grassroot projects. 

A peer to peer decentralized eco system that allows for you to access your investment at any time with pure transparency and security, whilst making real world change.

Lets really share this world fairly! 

Phase 1 ICO.

7% of the funds from the coin distribution will go towards legal fees.

13% of the funds from the coin distribution will go towards operation costs providing us with the resources to move this project forward.

80% of the funds from the coin distribution will go towards the initiation of seed and grassroot projects to enhance and uplift humanity.

Phase I

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